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Post Partum Bleeding

This is known as “LOCHIA” and should lessen and subside by six to eight weeks. You may bleed heavily in the first two weeks even passing clots. This is normal.
After the birth of your baby the uterus will need to expel all excess blood, mucous and placental tissue. You may need to use large, industrial size sanitary pads! Do not use tampons during the first few weeks as they might introduce bacteria into the uterus causing infections.
You may feel a gush of blood and clots as you breastfeed your baby. This is due to the production of Oxytocin by the Pituitary Gland, which is triggered by the baby suckling and leads to the stimulation of uterine contractions. These contractions may be painful but will subside within a few weeks.
Your body needs time to heal and requires plenty of rest. A gentle walk every day is recommended.

When to Worry??

  • A sudden increase in bleeding that soaks your sanitary pad within ten minutes.
  • Passing golf ball sized clots.
  • An offensive odour.
  • Fainting or dizzy spells.

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