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Milk Matters

‘Mothers Expressing for Others’

Did you know that 50ml of breastmilk a day can save a baby’s life? It can!
50ml of breastmilk can feed a premature baby of 1kg or less for 24 hours and make a huge difference to his or her health. In fact, it can be literally life-saving.

Tiny premature babies of less than 1.8kg in state and private hospitals are able to receive the immeasurable gift of pasteurised donated breastmilk thanks to Milk Matters and their caring, donor mothers.
This donated breastmilk prevents health problems, increases weight gain and, yes, saves lives.

Why do these babies need breastmilk?
Premature babies who not have access to breastmilk have a dramatically increased risk of the complications and potentially fatal infections to which premature babies are already particularly vulnerable.

The superior nutritional and immunological properties of breastmilk help these babies to recover and grow more quickly and also prevent potentially life-threatening infections.

How does one go about donating breastmilk?
Donating mothers express a little extra breastmilk and freeze it in sterile containers supplied by Milk Matters.
The frozen breastmilk can then be delivered to Milk Matters depots situated in various areas.
Where this is not possible, Milk Matters endeavours to collect the milk from the donor mother.

Each donor mother is required to complete a screening form and provide Milk Matters with a copy of a recent HIV test result.

Remember, your baby will not be deprived in any way if you express extra milk for another baby – in fact, your milk production is increased by the stimulation of expressing.

Every drop of breastmilk counts!
Milk Matters welcomes regular, small donations just as much as larger quantities. It all goes towards helping babies who desperately need breastmilk.

Please contact Louise Goosen on 021-659-5599
or Jenny Wright on 083-771-6230
or email

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