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Keep baby safe and close to you…

  • Quicker response to baby
  • Easy access to breast feeding
  • Reduces Crying time
  • Saves space & affordable
  • Up to 10Kgs
  • Solid base
  • Removable washable cover
  • Waterproof mattress
  • Designed by a clinic sister



The Co-Sleeper crib has been designed to keep baby close to parents without actually sleeping in their bed. By having baby nearby and accessible to mum, each waking is less disruptive allowing for a quicker response to baby’s needs.

New born babies have a heightened sense of smell, touch and hearing and often need to rouse out of their sleep to be reassured that mum is nearby.

The Co-Sleeper crib attaches to the side of the parents bed by means of a sturdy wooden base that slips between the base and the mattress, allowing for less time and effort in setting baby after feeds which in turn leads to calmer, deeper and improved sleeping patterns for both parents and baby.

Closeness builds trust and confidence, reduces anxiety and allows parents to begin to identify their baby’s needs from an early age.

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