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Advantages of Breastfeeding

  • Breast milk is the most nutritious food for your baby.
  • Enhances optimal growth for brain and body development.
  • Easily digested by your baby’s immature digestive system.
  • Contains unique proteins and fats required to stimulate brain development.
  • Contains antibodies which protect and create immunity against gastrointestinal, respiratory and ear infections.
  • Prevents constipation.
  • Less colic and diarrhoea.
  • Lower risk of allergies such as eczema and asthma.
  • Less obesity in later life.
  • Promotes good jaw and teeth development.
  • Enhances bonding, skin to skin and eye contact with mother.
  • Exposes baby to different food tastes through milk.
  • Provides a constant and safe supply of milk.
  • Always the correct temperature.

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