Engorged Breasts


  • Breasts are painful.
  • Hard and swollen especially under the armpits.
  • Lumpy, shiny and tight skin.
  • Nipples may become flat due to swollen and tense breasts.


  • Common on day 2 to 5 when milk supply comes in.
  • Caused by increase in blood flow and milk supply
  • Poor latching causing poor milk flow.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Missed feeds.
  • Sudden weaning.


  • Wearing a good, supportive bra.
  • Feed frequently.
  • Place cold packs or cabbage leaves around breasts between feeds.
  • Warm packs around breasts or a warm shower just before feeds.
  • Allow baby to feed slightly longer on each breast.
  • Manually and gently express a little milk prior to feeding to soften the areola and ensure a correct latch.
  • Avoid any supplementary formula or water feeds to ensure regular stimulation and emptying of the breasts.

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