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Making the decision to have a child is momentous… it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. Elizabeth Stone


Eric was a few months old when he changed from being a model baby (feeding three-hourly and sleeping between feeds with only two night wakings) to the fussy baby his mother has come to know. Now when Eric cries, her stomach knots up and a fine layer of perspiration breaks out on her skin. At… Read more »

The Building Blocks of your Child’s Health

Your child’s body is entirely built and maintained by the food he eats, the water he drinks and the air he breathes. In spite of modern medicine, our children are more susceptible to disease as each year goes by. As many as one in four children suffer from eczema, millions of children are asthmatic and… Read more »

Post Partum Bleeding

This is known as “LOCHIA” and should lessen and subside by six to eight weeks. You may bleed heavily in the first two weeks even passing clots. This is normal. After the birth of your baby the uterus will need to expel all excess blood, mucous and placental tissue. You may need to use large,… Read more »