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We don’t always have to be strong Sometimes our strength is expressed in being vulnerable. Sometimes we need to fall apart to re-group and stay on track. We all have days when we cannot push any harder, Cannot hold back self – doubt, Cannot stop focusing on fear, Cannot be strong. There are days when… Read more »

Glowing and Beautiful Skins for Mums!

AVOCADO PEAR High in monounsaturated fat which is considered a healthy fat. Keeps skin plump. Prevents dry skin. Contains Vitamin C and E. Powerful anti-ageing food.   BERRIES Help to manufacture collagen which keeps your skin supple and smooth. Neutralises free radicals.   CARROTS High source of Beta-carotene. Good source of Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant…. Read more »

Becoming a mother is a life changing event and can be very challenging, physically and emotionally

Our clinic is very excited to be sporting a newly completed artwork by Claire Homewood on our desk counter. It has been a labor of love and been painted using only ProNature eco-friendly, natural paints. The painting invites us to explore a magical world of animals and plant life in a fantastical landscape. Look carefully… Read more »

Your children need to know where the behavioural boundaries are and who has the courage to enforce them Dr James Dobson

Kade’s near drowning incident

Monday the 24th of January started like any other in the Cherry household. Our 1yr old twins woke up at 06h00 and played in the lounge till their breakfast at 07h30. My wife left for work at 08h20 and I gave the boys their bottles straight after and put them down for a nap. After… Read more »

It takes milk to grow a baby but touch to develop the person

Cervical Cancer

FACTS about CERVICAL CANCER: Globally, cancer of the cervix kills one woman every 2 minutes! In Africa, cancer of the cervix kills more women than any other cancer. Cervical cancer is spread by the HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS. HPV is transmitted primarily through sexual activity. Women remain vulnerable to HPV infection throughout their lives. A woman can… Read more »

Physiotherapy for babies

When is it time to consult a physiotherapist about your baby’s progress? Every baby is different and each baby develops at his or her own particular pace. Some babies develop some skills very early and are slow at achieving other milestones. And some babies seem to get stuck with delays in learning to sit, crawl… Read more »

Research has show that the risk of developing breast cancer is around 14% lower for mothers who breastfeed for 6 months or more than those who did not breastfeed