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Should we allow our baby in our bed? Are we spoiling her? For how long…? Most parents ask themselves these questions Make a decision that you are both comfortable with… it is entirely up to you! Try and avoid being affected by other opinions. Understand the reasons why your baby responds positively… she feels safe… Read more »

Advantages of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most nutritious food for your baby. Enhances optimal growth for brain and body development. Easily digested by your baby’s immature digestive system. Contains unique proteins and fats required to stimulate brain development. Contains antibodies which protect and create immunity against gastrointestinal, respiratory and ear infections. Prevents constipation. Less colic and diarrhoea…. Read more »

Engorged Breasts

Symptoms: Breasts are painful. Hard and swollen especially under the armpits. Lumpy, shiny and tight skin. Nipples may become flat due to swollen and tense breasts. Causes: Common on day 2 to 5 when milk supply comes in. Caused by increase in blood flow and milk supply Poor latching causing poor milk flow. Anxiety and… Read more »

Tips on Expressing Breast Milk

Express after a breast feed. Express from both breasts even if for a few minutes each side. Express into a sterilized container. Date and amount of milk expressed should be written on the container. Keep expressed breast milk in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Expressed breast milk may be frozen for three months…. Read more »

The Importance of Hearing Tests

by DR KIRSTY DONALD – Red Cross Childrens Hospital Early detection and intervention for hearing impairment has become an increasingly important aspect of neonatal care in well-resourced countries. Rising numbers of universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) programmes have been implemented to facilitate an optimal outcome for infants with hearing impairment. These programmes have been established… Read more »

Making a Difference: One Baby at a Time

The most common question people ask me when they find out I am a kangaroo mom is, “Oh wow, don’t you get attached?”. And then they usually add, “I could never do that. I would just keep them.” Being a kangaroo mom means that I am a mom to a newborn baby that is awaiting… Read more »

Milk Matters “Mothers expressing for others”

Did you know that 50ml of breast milk a day could save a baby’s life? Milk Matters provides pasteurised, donor breastmilk to hospitals for vulnerable, premature, babies who cannot get the breastmilk they need from their own mothers. We focus on the tiniest babies of under 1.5kg, who thrive on the irreplaceable nutrients, growth factors… Read more »

Our Precious Preemie

By Sue Dickson “You’re already two centimetres dilated and having contractions. You’re in early labour!” They’re shocking words to hear at your 29-week appointment with your gynae, so it was just as well I was lying down. “Go out the back door,” she said, “across to the hospital, get into bed and don’t move. We… Read more »


Attention all moms with fussy toddlers… Fresh juices are the answer!! Give the whole family raw fresh juices by combining a variety of fruit and vegetables in a juicer. Apples Carrots Broccoli Ginger Celery Spinach Pears Pineapples Beetroot … all the sumer fruits

What is Postnatal Distress?

An excerpt from a new book by renowned therapist LINDA LEWIS called “WHEN YOUR BLESSINGS DON’T COUNT – A Guide to Recognising and Overcoming Postnatal Distress” There are three types of mood disturbance that could follow childbirth and they are frequently confused or inadequately grouped together under the heading of postnatal depression. These syndromes can… Read more »